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Sometimes a little procrastination is a good thing...

For example, this morning, when I should have been studying some paper on antimony and SIDS, I was browsing around and happened across the website of my ISP. I was pleasantly surprised to read that they've lowered prices and upped speed on their plans. Needless to say that I've put in for a change in plan - paying the same monthly fee as I do now, for better download speed. Upload speed will stay the same, but still, it's a very good way to start the week :-)

Procrastination or not, I'm now officially on schedule with my studies. However, I did spend most of my study time this weekend on researching my project and I still haven't done any of the optional readings, so how long it will stay that way, I have no idea. I had some good!brain days last week. Today is not one of them: I'm still page 2 of a 5 page research paper and have spend most of my day so far on that. Between numerous breaks, re-reading and background research needed in order to actually understand the paper, progress has been slow.

I did find myself a new toy this weekend - - a very nice multi-language on-line dictionary with the facility to make your own vocabulary list and quizzes. I have been looking for this sort of thing for a while as I often find myself wanting to look up words that simply aren't in my rather small and dated paper dictionaries.
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