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Slightly mysterious mail

Since I hardly ever leave the house, I frequently get deliveries - mostly stuff other people would get in town. Still, I manage to keep track of what I'm expecting, so I was quite surprised to get an unexpected parcel this morning, from a company I'd never heard of. Turns out my ISP had this company send me a new cable modem. Why they would this this, I'm not sure. I can only suppose that it has to do with the upgrade that I ordered early this week. There wasn't any real explanation with the new modem, just a letter telling me that I have 14 days to return my old cable modem by mail to them. The problem is, however, that in order to activate the new modem, I need a code (which, according to the installation manual, has previously been mailed to me). Except I never got that letter. If it doesn't arrive in tomorrow's mail or Mondays, I guess I'll have to call up the ISP service centre. Not looking forward to that at all.
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