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Uni, pets and Easter break

Easter break has finally started, but unfortunately, it wasn't off to such a good start. Yesterday Lady Blue, one of my pets, died :-( Also, I got my first s802 assignment back. While it certainly could have been worse (and I definitely have produced worse), I'm not too thrilled about the 63% that I got. Well, I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As for the rest of the break week, I don't have anything special planned so far, except to catch up on some leisure reading in the form of SGA novels. Probably won't be able to take the whole week off, as I'm a bit behind on my studies. I was all caught up, but then I had to work on the assignment that was due last Wednesday and didn't have the energy to do the readings at the same time.

I do hope I'll find the time and energy to work on my foreign language skills. Might seem more like work to other people, but I really love languages and I love learning them in my free time :-)
Tags: easter, languages, pets, s802, uni

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