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It's been ages since I last updated, I know, but I'm still around. It's just that between my crazy brain and studying for a master's degree, I haven't been as active on the 'net and in fannish circles as I used to be. Lack of time and headspace and all that.

  • My performance with regard to my studies has been fluctuating a lot, from barely passing to great marks and back again, depending on just how crazy my head was at the time. I'm currently going through a more crazy period once again. It's not as bad as last winter, but it could be a lot better as well. So far I'm still well on course to passing the current module, so I'm not too worried yet. The only thing that is really giving me a headache is the so called mini-project that I have to complete by October. It's supposed to take around 30 hours of work but I doubt that mine will be done in anywhere near that amount of time. Of course, how much I get done in one hour largely depends on how well my brain behaves on any given day :-/

  • I'm thinking about taking a year off after this one. I wanted to do so before, but couldn't as my health insurance would only cover me as a full time student. Since I'm going to be kicked out of said health insurance next year anyways, I might as well use the opportunity. The parentals appear to approve of the idea and I have been looking into a treatment program that I might apply for next year which would take me away from my studies at any rate.

  • The only thing that bothers me about taking a year off is that I'm not getting any younger. Bro, who is two years younger than I am, has already finished his master's degree and has now been accepted for a three-year PhD scholarship. I try not to let trhat bother me too much, after all there is nothing much I can do about the fact that due to illness my life is playing out very much not like I had planned.

  • Sis has now graduated high-school and will be starting college in the fall, possibly at the same uni where Bro is studying, but she hasn't heard back from all her applications yet. Otherwise, home life is pretty quiet. The parentals seem to get along at the moment and Bro is still in the US doing some internship in NYC. He will be back in early October, I understand.

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