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Done and only six more weeks to go!

The assignment I have been stressing over the last two weeks or so is finally done! Not to a day too soon, as it's due today. While I hardly ever miss a deadline, I pretty much always cut it close. Can't seem to help that, even though I'm fully aware that stress makes my symptoms that much worse :-/

Now, I'm going to treat myself to a nice day off, or maybe even two. After that, I really need to get back to my end-of-course research project (which will probably be the death of me). Six week suddenly don't seem that long at all anymore, especially since in two weeks, the school summer break will be over and I'll have to be back at work. It's only six hours a week, but, for me at least, six very stressful and draining hours. Work on a day usually means getting nothing else accomplished. But enough whining. I now get to enjoy two thirds of a day if not almost two days off.
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