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Has it been a week already?

Apparently it has and what is most shocking about it is how little I have gotten done during that week. My day off turned into several days, and while I should have worked on my project, the rest has done my head good and I have been able to do without some of the heavier meds for a few days now. All in all, not a wasted week then although I could not say how I've actually spent most of the time. I did spend some time trying new dished, including that mocha cheese cake I had my eyes on. It has turned out very well indeed and even my parents liked it a lot. Today, I got started on some raw vegan cookies. The dough did turn out quite delicious, even though not quite the consistency that it was supposed to be. The cookies (with fudge chunks) are now in the dehydrator and will be there for another 23 hours or so. Will let you guys know how they turn out. Maybe I'll even be able to work up the energy for a few photos. I do wish I had taken one of the cheese cake.
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