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Break Plans - The Big Stuff

Among the many, many plans I have for my almost four months long break from uni, probably the biggest involves doing another juice feast. I did one last year, with mixed results, but liked it enough to give it another go this year. I'm trying to go the whole distance, 92 days, but I'll remain open to see how things turn out. I don't exactly know how many days I did last year, I think it was around 4 - 6 weeks or so. Not that it matters. What matters is that it's only Day 2 of this years feast, and I'm feeling pretty good already :-)

I'm not sure yet in which manner I'm going to chronicle my juice feasting experience. Last year I used a separate livejournal, but I might do something else this year. For the moment, I'm using the forms provided on the juice feasting website, but I'm thinking of also writing a more detailed journal, perhaps even recording some videos and taking pictures (if I dare).

Another biggish project I started tackling is a sort of belated 'spring' cleaning and general organizing/sorting of stuff. There are several big boxes standing around, most of them filled with books and papers that I need to go through. I don't have the heart to throw out books, but I might donate or sell some that I really don't need any more. There is other stuff to be gotten rid of as well - some old kitchen appliances, a broken VCR, an ancient and broken laptop...
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