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Intense and changing times

Lately, I have been doing a lot of work on various health issues of mine. Aside from juice feasting, I have been exploring various healing modalities more deeply and things are looking fairly promising at the moment. I'm a bit sceptical, as last year when I did my first juice feast, I had been seeing improvements in my health as well, only to crash rather badly a few weeks later. I'm trying to follow my instinct more this time and build a more solid base from which to work.
I have been thinking about enlisting some professional help as well, but I have a) no idea where to find a suitable professional (my psychiatrist nearly bit my head off when I told her that I'm a vegan and I didn't even mention being a raw-foodist!) and b) no idea how to pay for the services of such a person. Well, maybe something will develop. I did recently find a list of holistic health practitioners in a raw food magazine, but it was an older issue and being the phone-phobic that I am, I haven't worked up the nerve make any calls yet (they could have included email addresses as well, IMHO). Interestingly, there is also a mention of a raw-food support group the same issue of that magazine, that apparently meets in a village nearby. Would be interesting to find out of they still meet. I only know one raw-fooder in the area, a guy I met by pure chance at last year's Rohvolution (an annual trade fair in Germany dedicated to raw foods). So there are some resources to be explored :-)

Also, for a completely different and less weighty consideration, is this year's NaNoWriMo. November is fast approaching and that usually means novel!time, i.e. cranking out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I have participated the last seven years running, with a good record of five wins (meaning I did reached at least 50,000 words by the end of November) and two misses, including one last year. Last year's novel was a horrible mess and I was sick of it by day 3 and ditched the whole thing after about three weeks. It wasn't so much the poorly thought-out plot, all my nano!novels had those, but the fact that it was set in the 19th century, posing all sorts of research problems that a 30 day novel simply doesn't have room for. If I do nano this year, I will definitely go for sci-fi again, had good experience with that in the past. Of course, I'd be writing fanfic, I don't think I have an original novel in me ;-)
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