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Grad school or I have no idea what I'm doing really

The academic year is picking up its pace with a multiple choice quiz being due today. The whole thing was fairly puzzling: either I'm totally missing out on the aims of the course I'm taking, or most of the questions really couldn't be answered based on what we've studied so far. Most questions weren't all that hard, I could find the answers fairly easily using various internet resources, but I don't think testing our internet research skills was the point of the exercise. It doesn't help the course using so-called resource based learning, where there are certain core documents (chapters from textbooks or articles from scientific journals), but in addition to that students have to find their own materials to supplement what is provided. Maybe I'm not supplementing with the right materials or with enough (because truth be told, I have a hard enough time reading to core stuff and finding support resources to help me understand it).
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