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Revelations about talent, the secret life of printers and more

In a move for the that-takes-talent-files, I managed to drop my pen straight into the printer next to my desk in such a way that it has now disappeared somewhere inside. I even turned the printer upside down, but all it does is rattle around without doing me the favour of dropping back out the way it came. In the course of the maneouver to turn to printer on its head, I managed to break of one of the hinges of the front panel, so its now hanging half-loose. Not that it matters, I dare not turn the thing back on while my pen is somewhere inside. Great, I only recently bought some new ink for it. On the other hand, I have been wanting to buy a new laser printer for ages. I used to have an ancient one, but it died and after Sis moved out, I took over her old ink-jet printer, which is now probably ruined for good. And to make matters worse, I managed to make a noticeable scratch into the dining room table while trying to tackle the printer-pen-problem.

Fast forward a few days. I was still stuck with an unusable printer. The old printer in the basement that had been left over at my father's work refused to play nice as well and I was getting somewhatr desperate. I wasn't ready to shell out money for a new printer just yet, and besides, I didn't actually have that much money lying around, so the point was moot to begin with anyway, so I decided to ask my father for help. I knew he would turn the whole affair into a major undertaking and after the thing with his soundcard in which he'd managed to involve the whole family, I didn't really want to get him started on a new project, but I didn't know what else to do. I sure wasn't going to call customer support over something as stupid as this!

I'll spare everyone the details of my father, mother and me taking apart the printer and putting it back together again, thereby rescuing my pen (and the cap of a water bottle as I'm ashamed to admit). After the printer was more or less assembled again, even though a few screws mysteriously left over, I turned it back on. Almost immediatly, it made very strange noises that no printer should make, especially when it's not printing anything. Then it died completly. R.I.P. At least Sis didn't yell at me when I told her yesterday on the phone.

I still have three unused ink cartridges which I'm now trying to sell on ebay as they were pretty expensive.
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