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15 March 2011 @ 07:42 am
Lost days (well not quite, but almost)  
Due to some semi-authorized experimenting with med dosages the last few days have been rather suboptimal where my productivity was concerned. At my productivity witgh regard to intellectual-type tasks such as studying, writing and reading. I'm even having a hard time stringing sentences together for this entry :-/ I did use the time to get busy with various household chores:

  • sold two of my spare ink cartridges on ebay already and not for a totally bad price

  • listed some old textbooks and good some bids on them already

  • Disassembled the container (into which the blade is screwed) of my Vitamix blender and started to throroughly clean it (it's a great blender but ease of cleaning it NOT one its strong points!). Once I had the proper tool it was actually pretty easy to remove the blade. I had previously tried to remove it with ordinary tools, but after getting nowhere, I caved and ordered the wrench that's intended to be used for that purpose even if I had to order it directly from the manufacturer who happens to be located abroad.

  • also did some work in the garden with the parentals

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