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More time loop talk (and some armchair action)

After I realized that I couldn't use slingbox VCR software while my laptop was stuck in that time loop, I decided to get serious about fixing it. So, first stop google. If that doesn't work, I'm calling Dell, phone!phobia or not.
Either I used to wrong search terms, or the problem just isn't very common, because I hardly turned up anything that sounded even remotely useful or that I hadn't already tried on my own. Pretty much the only really interesting suggestion was that the motherboard battery might depleted causing the internal clock to malfunction. Downloading PC Wizard right now to check on that.
Later: Looks indeed like it might be low, if I am looking at the right indicator (there is a ton of them!). I'm going to call Dell, silly problem or not.
Much Later: Seems like the tech support guy agrees with google and me. He's going to have a technican call me sometime during the next few days to make an appointment to come see me and repair my laptop.
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