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Why calling Dell was a total bust

To be fair, almost it was a total bust. My time loop issue is fixed now that the technician had a go at my laptop. And also to Dell’s credit, my laptop was repaired less than 24 hours after I first called.

However, whereas before I had a rather minor problem that didn’t interfere too much with using the laptop, I now have a much bigger problem. The laptop keeps shutting down for now reason. Sometimes after a minute, sometimes after an hour, but it always shuts down suddenly with no pattern to it that I can recognize. Sometimes it shuts down before Windows has finished booting up, sometimes after, so I doubt it’s some software thing. To me it sounds like the technician screwed up somewhere. It would unfortunately not be the first time. Years ago, a Dell tech repaired a laptop of mine and I needed a second tech a few days later before the laptop suddenly started overheating all the time, which it hadn’t before.

Guess I’ll be calling Dell again today. The technician who was there yesterday told me to do so anyway, because apparently there are some screws missing somewhere in there and that could turn into a problem one day, so he told me to get that fixed while I still have warranty.

In the meantime, I better see about getting some of my school reading (which is pretty much all in pdf format) printed out so that I can read it away from the computer, otherwise I'll get no work done until this problem is fixed and who knows if this will happen before the week is over. I have an assignment due in mid-April and I'm still behind schedule with the materials for it. That reminds me. I haven't had a chance to check the uni forums all day yesterday, what with the technician being around first and then having no decent computer. Right now, I'm using the Bro's old computer which I found hidden away in the basement. It still works, if all you want to do is browse the web and write a few emails. I doubt if you could do much else with it. I also found a printer on my trawl through the basement, but I think that one's dead for good. Shame, it was a laser printer, but since it says 10 pages/minute b/w on it, I guess not a more recent model ;-)

Okay, off now to call Dell!
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