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Off to a good start

The day and with it the week are off to a good start, despite family life doing its best to resemble high school with its level of drama and histrionics. The good things so far have been:

  • the computer tech called and made an appointment for this afternoon

  • my first attempt to remotely direct my Sky+ box to record something (via slingbox) has worked

  • partial payment for stuff sold has been credited to my bank account

  • I had an idea for one of the questions on the next s807 assignment

Not too bad for before 10 a.m. :-) I'm still waiting on some things, such as remainig payment for other stuff that I sold last week and I have yet to try and record the programme recorded onto my sky+ box onto the computer, but as I said, I'm off to a pretty good start.
Tags: computer, s807, slingboxm, technology

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