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In which there are many new things, not all of them good

It has been a few days since my last update and by my standards a lot has been happening.

Leland the laptop has finally been repaired, as it seems. The repair guy was there last Friday and Leland hasn't crashed once since. I consider that repaired. It also didn't come a moment too soon, but more on that later.
I finally sold my tablet PC. Some of you might recall me having bought one after selling my iPad last year. The iPad was too restrictive for my tastes (fileformats that could be viewed, applications that could be run, etc.) and the tablet PC, a Hanvon B10 was much better in that regard it had a regular Windows 7 operating system. While that made it very versatile, it also made it quite difficult to operate via the touch screen. Windows simply wasn't built for touch screen systems, me thinks. Many elements were too small on screen (and no, my fingers aren't particularily big) and the on-screen keyboard tended to cover the are one was writing on. Not saying it doesn't have potential, but there is some developing to be done yet. Anyhow, I bought a shiny rnew PC from the proceeds of selling the tablet PC and I'm in love with it already. It's soo fast :-)
Speaking of proceeds, I'm still trying to get all the clutter-buyers I sold books and old electronics to actually pay me. I called one of them yesterday because I had been waiting on my money for over 10 days and they promised I'd have it by the end of the week. We'll see.
All that happened before all hell broke lose in family life late yesterday afternoon (after weeks of latent and not so latent drama), sparking a cross-country car trip on the part of my mother and me. We are currently sitting in some motel room with rather interesting interior design (think lots of gold) along with Sis who we picked up along the way. At least the motel has free wi-fi, which is something to make up for the night I spent on the couch while my mother and Sis shared the bed. Not sure what the day will bring. I have hardly anything with me, aside from my laptop, my ipod and half a change of clothes. Leave it to me to think of the electronics first and the hairbrush later!
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