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School chatter

Things are still far from resolved (i.e. family life still resembles high school drama at its best), but I'm back home and I even managed to hand in something resembling a completed assignment earlier this morning. It's far from perfect and I have no doubt it will be obviously that I was in a rush while writing certain parts of it (okay, most parts), but it's better than nothing. It's even got a (no doubt incomplete and incorrectly formatted) bibliography!
Now I can return my attention to the fact that I'm at least two weeks behind study schedule and that I still owe my tutor an email ;-) Hope she isn't mad at me for skipping both tutorials this week. For the first one, I was on the motorway with no internet at all and for the second one, I was stuck at a motel with dial-up wi-fi. Well, the second one is going to be repeated anyway, not sure why, but maybe I'm not the only one who wasn't available on a workday night. Must make sure I am available for the repeat at least, but currently life is very, very unpredictable here.
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