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Alles neu macht der Mai

Or at least this month has brought me shiny new internet with faster upload speed, which finally got around to setting up and configuring the way I need it. I probably should have spent that time studying, but I just love shiny new things, especially when they are as useful as this.

Other than new internet, the family seems to do its best to keep me from studying - at least that is the impression I get more often than not. Maybe it's my fault for not saying 'no' often enough, but I just keep getting sucked into other people's projects. For example, a few days ago I spent most of the day sorting through Sis' old (text)books, checking which ones were still in good enough condition to be sold, checking prices around various websites and finally getting them ready for shipping. To be fair, I also sold some of my old books while I was at it, mostly ones I've never read and had for years. I'm not so much selling them for the money as to declutter and free up space. Books are everywhere in my room, piling up on just about every surface plus several piles on the floor and more boxes in the basement. But even worse than the big things like cleaning out Sis' stuff, are the little things which keep me from getting much work done, like typing emails for my mother, scanning newspaper articles for Bro or googling song lyrics for my father. None of that takes very long, but since everyone always want to have it done right now, it's quite distracting when you're trying to study.

Speaking of studying. I got 75% on the quiz from last week, a mark with which I'm quite happy. The infectious diseases material is also very interesting. I just wish I was able to concentrate a little better, then it wouldn't take me ages to read a few pages. I probabvly should get started doing some flashcards to prepare for exam revision in fall. I know it's a long way off still, but I have the feeling I'm going to need a lot of cards so it's probably better to get started early. I used to use a very good flashcard software on my computer, but unfortunately, I cannot recall the name and it was some years ago. For now, I've gotten a basic flashcard app on my iPad whoich should be enough to get me started. I'd really like to find that old software again though, as it had some really handy features like multiple choice cards and so on. Another piece of software I need to look into is a decent mind mapping program. I already use one on my ipad for creating summaries of study material and there is a facility for exporting the maps in various formats to PC, so it would be good to find a compatible software for PC.
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