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Writing and the possible acquisition of new fandoms (or at least copious exposure)

It's been a good week all in all which has found me in an almost unusually creative mood. I've been doing a ton of food making, mostly desserts, and I've almost finished the H50 fic that I was working on. I'm currently trying for a fitting ending, something which I often have trouble with. The casefile action's all wrapped up, but there are still some loose ends to be tied up. Part of the beginning needs revising, but I expect to be able to send the first chapters off to my faithful beta reader in a few days. If rl doesn't interfere that is and my muse, fickle that she is, doesn't vanish again.

With most TV shows being on summer hiatus now, I figured it was an as good opportunity to give some shows I haven't been watching until now a chance, even though I have more than enough material to catch up on from the shows that I do watch at least on a semi-regular basis. In this effort to broaden my TV horizons, I watched the first season of Castle and downloaded episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. I like season one of Castle well enough to start on season two and look up some fanfic while I was at it. It probably won't become a real fandom of mine, but it's pretty entertaining. My exposure to Grey's Anatomy so far has been pretty limited, I've seen the odd scene, but never a complete episodes, although that is about to be remedied. I haven't heard much good about Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, but I figure I better judge for myself, and since someone requested it, I had it downloaded already anyway.

I also got my hdd current House and Desperate Housewives. I used to watch both of those for a few seasons, but then lost track for some reason and I'm curious to see what happened in the last few seasons that I missed. None of these are particularly likely to turn into active fandoms though, whereas I really love some of the old shows I've been discovering lately. I already mentioned that I got into I Spy and also, I think, that I started writing a fic in that fandom. Man from UNCLE is another recent discovery, that my father of all people got my into.
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