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At least it should be a quiet ten days now

The parentals finally left on their long-planned vacation to the Czech Republic this morning. Originally, the plan was to leave yesterday and while they initially did leave (by car), they came back less than two hours later on foot. Turns out they had barely gotten to the next village over when the car had a flat (and of course they had no spare tire). Fortunately, they were still within reasonable walking distance of home. This is now their third attempt of leaving, as they returned once already today after forgetting some of the more crucial items. Now however, it seems that they are off on their trip for good.

And I have the house to myself for the next ten days, along with plenty of things to do like TV and radio programs to record, plants to water and solar-panel repairmen to let in. This is also the first time that I'll be all alone while they're on vacation. In previous years, Sis was still living at home and it was usually the two of us at home while our parents were away. The main down-side to Sis' absence will be the lack of transportation. I don't drive at all and since we live in a rural area, there isn't much within walking distance. There is a small general store, which sells the bare essentials, although hardly anything in the way of fruit and veggies.

Until sometime last year, the store doubled as a kind of post office where you could at least frank and leave letters and parcels that would get picked up by the mailman at the end of his route every day. Nowadays, one has to take the bus and car to the next village over where they have a small post office in their municipal building. It's there that I'll need to go later today or tomorrow as Sis has ordered a book from amazon and had it delivered here instead of to her own address. I suppose I could take the bicycle there instead of the bus, but there happens to be pretty steep hill on the way which doesn't make for pleasant biking. Not to mention that the only bicycle that wasn't stolen a few years back is a better heap of rust.

Technically speaking, I don't have time to take the bus anywhere at the moment as I have an assignment on Infectious Diseases due on Friday and I haven't typed a word yet. I do have fairly comprehensive hand-written notes on what I'm going to write, but between being being a lousy typist and also having yet to draw any of the diagrams and molecular structures that I'll need, that's easily going to take all the remaining time until the deadline. I did a lot of reading for this one and I have no idea when I'm going squeeze in doing the bibliography.
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