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Little daily dramas and mysteries

Well, as it turns out the parentals lasted less than a week on their planned 10 day vacation and returned on Monday evening. Since then, the drama has been in high gear once again. The last few weeks had been fairly quiet on that front, but right now, it's worse than high-school every was (and I hated high-school). The one silver lining is Bro's planned visit this weekend. Although should Sis be here at the same time, the arguments are already a foregone conclusion. He gets along with Sis even less than I do. But normally, I enjoy his visits.

The week wasn't all bad though. I took it easy with the studying, and spend quite a bit of time gardening instead. The tomatoes and the peas are growing nicely, so are the raspberries and black currants. There was one thing though that puzzled me considerably: I found a half of a dead fish on the patio one morning. Looked like a larger goldfish. No idea where it came from though, I don't even know where the nearest lake is. There is small stream, not too far away, but it barely carries any water at the best of times and is usuallly completely dry in summertime. I doubt there have ever been fish in there. The only explanation I can think of that one of the many cats around the neighbourhood pulled it out of someone's garden pond. Not sure who has a pond around here, but it seems like the most plausible possibility by far.

Far more revealing than the dead fish affair has been the clean-up of my closets. I finally got started having a look through all the clothes and deciding which ones to keep, which ones to donate and which ones to just throw away. It's alarming what kind of stuff has accumulated there over the years. I found some stuff I haven't worn in over a decade and, although they say that trends are cyclical, I doubt I'll ever wear again. Some of it even dates back to the time I had blue and purple hair which most have been around the time I was about fifteen. What can I say, punk used to be in, even though the hair was about the extend of my rebellious phase. I remember that the homemade dye-job gave me endless trouble because the colour wasn't entirely waterproof and ended up staining quite a few towels and bedclothes.

I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore LOL
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