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Never let it be said that it couldn't get any worse

Well, I didn't exactly say it, but I sure was thinking it when I was working on the 'cancer' assignment for my current course! However, it sure got worse with the neuropharmacology assignment (we can chose either depression, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's as a topic for the assignment). It's not that it's so difficult (or if it is, nobody knows for sure!), it's that what we have to do is so vague and the resources that are supposed to help us are unavailable, that no one can tell for sure what it is that we have to do. All we know for sure is that it's a poster presentation and defence done, most likely, via web-conference. But what all this entails and what guidelines there are, is extremely foggy and not just to me. The whole thing is due in early September and the plan/proposal was either due two days ago or next Friday, nobody knows for sure. I'm going with next Friday, because I have only gotten serious about it today, hoping that some real info would become available. Not that submitting the propsoal is likely to do any good as someone assigned to the same tutor as me submitted their plan two weeks ago and still hasn't gotten any feedback on it. Where the whole management and flow of information is concerned, this is by far the worst course I have ever done! I'm still waiting for the marks on a piece that was due in mid-June and since which another assignment was due.
However, despite only starting to make a focused effort today, I decided on a topic for my presentation, got a bunch of papers from the internet to read and mentally started to outline it. I have no idea whether what I'm doing goes even in the right direction, but I figure I've got to start at some point.

In other news, the parental vacation seems cancelled or at least on hold for the moment due to bad weather and disagreement over where to go. That means both of them have plenty of time to come up with stuff I could help with such as reading knitting patterns to my mother or typing emails for my father. Even Bro and Sis manage to find things for me to do even though they don't actually live here. Somehow, I was looking forward to the parentals going on vacation ;-)
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