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Better late than never...

It took a while, but TPTB have finally provided some more precise instruction regarding the poster presentation we have to do for our next assignment. I even managed to get some feedback on my plan/proposal. I'm mostly done with the revision based on said feedback and while I'm still fine-tuning my new outline, I have gotten started on an early draft of the actual text. Something, I'm still not clear on (and someone else asking the question in the forums hasn't gotten any useful reply yet) is the inclusion of pictures, diagrams and the like. Based on what the presentation guide says about referencing, we are allowed use pictures from other sources provided that they are properly referenced, but I'd love some confirmation nonetheless.

Right now, I don't feel overly motivated to tackle the work and my topic (Lithium as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's Disease), which seemed quite interesting when I picked it, suddenly seems to be a very complicated tangle of contradictory information and theories :-/ Maybe I have just been reading too many papers on too short a time. I guess I should just finish revising my outline and then work from there. Unfortunately, with every paper I read, different things appear to be important and I'm no longer sure what should be included in the poster and what shouldn't. It all doesn't make a terrible lot of sense. Somehow, the last poster I did (for an undergrad course several years back) was so much easier, even though I ended up with what equals to a C. But enough whining and complaining, at least I have an approved topic and was able to obtain most of the papers needed. Now all I'm going to need is a forest worth of paper to print them ;-)
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