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Let's get the party started!

The parentals finally left on their vacation and I have the house all to myself. Originally they want to leave in early August, but things kept coming up, most importantly the family van not getting through the MOT. Some repairs and part replacements were needed, but the car repair place was way overbooked so it took them some time to get the repairs. Then the day after they'd gotten the car back and wanted to start for their trip, the car place calls and says they forgot some stuff and asked us to bring the cae by again. Then Sis caused some drama again which needed to be taken care of, but last Saturday, they finally got under way.

Having the house to myself has obvious advantages, such peace and quiet and less chance to get dragged into doing someone else's work when I should be studying. Sis still managed to keep me busy over the phone and via email so far, but other than that, I really got to enjoy some quiet time alone. My presentation that's due on Friday is nearly done as a result, just some references need fixing and the whole thing needs to be proof-reasd. I might get Bro to do help with that. His area of expertise is rather different, but at least he understands enough English to spot the most glaring mistakes.

The disadvantages to being along are less obvious, but somehow the empty house creeps me out, especially at night when the noise in my head is most pronounced. Normally, I can tell things apart fairly well and know what's real and what's in my head, but when I'm tired or stress, I can't do so very well. Luckily, my doc gave me some anti-anxiety pills which do help with the being creeped out. Still, I can't help but wonder what that'll mean for the future. I can't live with my parents forever and I can't really live alone (not just for the reasons just named, but also because I'm simply too tired/easily exhausted to do very much in terms of normal, everyday household chores. Going into town is a major project for me and something that will take up all energy available for a given day. I might have to look into assisted living one day, but to be honest, I like my (relative) freeedome here.

But as usual, I try not to think of the future too much. After it, it'll come soon enough ;-)
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