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Back to the usual routine

Parentals are back home and things are settling into their usual routine. There is a little too much drama going on for my taste, but that's normal, too. It was a good to have a break for a little over a week. Helped me recharge my batteries.

At uni, things are heating up what with the exam being in mid-October. I have yet to really start revising, as I don't know how much revision will be needed seeing as the bulk of the exam consists of questions on two papers, one we'll receive a few days before the exam and the other in the exam itself. The third section will be questions a smaller topic. On that we were allowed to chose out of a selection of three - diabetes, peptic ulcers and malaria were the choice. I picked malaria. So far so good and my poster presentation had a fairly good feel to it as well and the comments from my tutor on it were encouraging as well. Don't know the mark on that yet though.

Also signed up for my next two courses which will, unfortunately, start at the end of September already, that is before the current courses finishes. That means that will be no break for me this year. The next real break will be starting in early summer 2012.

I've also spent some time investigating cheaper sources for food, mainly fruit. I've started to eat way more fruit (and I was already eating rather a lot of it, being a raw vegan!). Trouble is, fruit is expensive and with doing two courses next year, there will already be quite a strain. I've contacted two local wholesalers. One doesn't do exotic fruit at all, but focuses mainly on regionally grown stuff. The other appears to do exotics as well, but their website is very bare-bones in terms of info, so I emailed them to find out more about what they offer etc. I've already tried the few delivery services we have here which focus on fruit (or at least have large fruit selections), but either the quality or the price isn't so that I both want to eat to and can actually afford to. From what I read on the internet re: produce wholesalers here in Germany wasn't too encouraging, but maybe I'll find on that works out for me and will do smaller orders. I do eat way more fruit than the average person, but as I'm the only raw foodist in the house, I still only go through so many kilos a week.
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