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News on the fruit front

Checked my email this morning to find a message from the fruit wholesaler I had contacted. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him to discuss details. I guess that means that he does sell to individual households as well, not just to retailers or is it least considering doing so. I have no idea if his prices are indeed affordable for me at present, since as I think I mentioned, there was very little info on his website, but it can't hurt top give him a call. It can't go much worse than not panning out and me being stuck with the present situation. My mother drove me into town yesterday as she had some errants to run as well. I stocked up on bananas, 5kg (about half of them from the bargain bin where they ripe ones at a discount) worth of them hoping they would last until Friday. It's been less than 24 hours and almost half is gone already and will probably be gone by tonight.
I also received a 5kg box of dates this morning. They aren't very good, but the whole box only set me back €25, and that includes shipping. That's less than a third of what it would have cost me from a premium fruit dealer. Granted there is a difference in quality, but I think it's worth it. Although on the subject of dates, I must remember not to put too many into one smoothie as the ones I did for lunch today with 2 apples, 2 bananas and 100g of dates plus water was sickeningly sweet even for my extreme sweet tooth. I didn't even finish the lot of it, it was so sweet. Will try having the rest at tea time.
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