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Fruit, Food & Financial worries

The thing with the fruit wholesaler won't pan out, at least not in the way I had hoped it would. I called the guy and he was very nice, but it turns out that the minimum order for deliveries is more than I spend on food in an entire month. He did give me the name of a semi-local fruit shop he deliveries to though and said that if the shop owner agrees, he could deliver my orders along with those of the shop, and while I would still have to buy in bulk, there wouldn't be an issue with minimum order and I could simply pick up the orders at the shop. The shop is in town and the only time I have been to town since was yesterday morning to get some veggies from the weekly market and that was so early that the fruit shop was still closed. If I can find the time (and the energy) I'll go down there sometime next week.

Might manage to do that tomorrow as it looks like I'll be needing to get some ripe fruit as soon as shops open again (everything is closed here on Sundays). Lunch was positively nasty. I had a lot of freshly squeezed orange juice which was sour and a mango which was watery and unripe. Normally I have something like bananas and dates for lunch, but the unripe bananas from a mid-morning snack gave me a stomach ache and I wasn't too keen on repeating the experience.

Exam prep is progressing okay. About three and a half weeks left 'till the exam. Should be enough time to prepare. The only problem is that at the moment, we are too broke to afford all of my meds. It's not that I don't have insurance, I do and they reimburse all my med costs, but I have to pay upfront and only then I can file a claim for reimbursement. The script my psychiatrist handed me last Thursday comes to a total of almost $3000 and that is not the kind of money we have lying around :-/
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