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Playing catch-up once again

The S807 exam is finally behind me and the exhaustion from the trip and the exam itself is fading. I wish I could just relax now for a few weeks, but alas no. I have two and a half weeks worth of material to catch up with on two seperate courses. Additionally, I'm thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. I know I don't really have the time, but that only makes it so much more interesting. I was never able to resist a challenge :-)

My fruit and veggie wholesaler search hasn't paid off yet. There was one with who I was corresponding with a few weeks back and things were looking rather promising, but all of a sudden, I'm not getting any replies to emails anymore. Strange, but they weren't very friendly in the first place, so maybe it is for the best.
Tags: nanowrimo 2011, uni

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