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Enjoying the holidays :-)

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

Me, I got a few pretty presents, had nice food (albeit a bit too much) and listened to some Christmassy mp3s. I also dl-ed and watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie. After being less than impressed by the previous movie, my expectations were very low to begin with. It was pretty rubbish, but had some nice h/c moments. All in all, I could have made worse use of my time.

Today, the family is visiting relatives, but I won't be going. Too many question I don't want to answer and too much food I won't be eating ;-) I did make the cakes though. I'll probably be spending the day cleaning and decluttering my room. The parentals are insistent that I need a new bed and in the room's present state the old bed cannot easily be moved out. In other words, it's a mess, but it's my mess. I know under which pile to find what. Most of the time anyway. I don't even want a new bed. My old one is a bit rickety, but perfectly fine, IMHO. The parentals however disagree and I don't have the nerve to battle this one out. I have more important things to do...LOL.
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