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Operation Declutter

Second Post in a day, what's wrong with me!?

Anyhow, Operation Declutter is proceeding well, although it has left me exhausted. For the moment, I'm concentrating on clearing the floor of books, DVDs, clothes, boxes and everything else that is hiding it from view. I'm not finished with that yet, but the progress (and the floor) is visible. So far I've only put the obvious things in the trash, but items like books, DVDs, clothes and papers remain to be sorted. Some I will no doubt try to sell and others donate or chuck out. The shelves need to be lightened, as they are already curving under the weight piled onto them. Too many books. At some point, I'll have to decided what to do with the boxes upon boxes of video tapes (I was a TV junkie way before the advent of the DVD). The thought of throwing them out pains me, but there is nothing on them that I don't have in digital format. I don't even have a VCR anymore, so there is really no point in keeping them around. Not sure why I have this resistance to binning them.

Maybe accumulating clutter is genetic. I mean my parents have loads of clutter and so do my siblings. My grand-father kept everything including items like roof tiles. My great grandfather was an artist with loads of artist friends and accumulated tons of paintings, sculptures and busts (including one of himself, one of his wife and one of my grandmother as a gir). Every generation just accumluted stuff and passed it on to their heirs. Our house is full my great grandfather's art and other inherited items. Not that we aren't in good company. Ever since I've seen the interior of our next door neighbours house I'm no longer surprised at the amount of stuff that's sitting on the sidewalk in front of their door.
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