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So what's with the lack of internet fun?

The lack of uploads, fics, blog posts and other internet shenanigans is mostly due my health not playing along. Things haven't been very good this summer and my disability has been biting more than usual. I'm already dreading the end of my break in early November when I'll have actual real life work again. Currently, I'm marathoning old TV episodes, checking out new shows (new to me at least) and catching up with previous seasons in anticipation of the US TV season premieres in about a week's time. Thank god for the Episoder App on iPad, otherwise, I'd never be able to keep track of all the shows I watch ;-).

Speaking of TV shows, I'm still on the fence about Doctor Who. I loved the old skool episodes and watched the new ones until about three years in, at which point, I sort of lost interest. I didn't dislike the new ones, I even wrote a few completed fics and plenty of unfinished fics, but as with almost all shows, my interest tends to come and go. I watch a show for a while, then stop. There are a few shows that I tend to come back to over and over like Stargate (SG-1 and SGA) and the original CSI, but most shows I only watch for a while, even though their run might be much longer. I still haven't gotten past season 3 of House for example, save for the odd later episode.

Fic writing is definitely on ice right now, although I had a wave of inspiration the other day when I couldn't sleep. Problem is I couldn't find my outline and had already forgotten most of the intricacies of that plot of that particular story. Well, it will turn up again, provided I actually wrote it (I'm not so sure anymore) and wasn't just outlining it in my head.

I did get some exciting reading material in the post yesterday - all 3 volumes of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes. I already browsed through some of the stories yesterday and it's fascinating.
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