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Yeah finally!!! My exam results!

My school supervisor just called: we were supposed to get the results Monday, but she gets them earlier. I was so shocked when she called initially, because she had initially said that she would only call the problem cases. But now problem there. I got as many marks as I had been predicated at. 40 out of 45 on my IB diploma. I know that doesn't sound much. But I did get the marks where I needed them, in Math and Chemistry, 7 in both of them. 7 as well in German and Economics. French only 5 , but I knew that my French isn't good enough for anything better. I'm a bit dissapointed about English, only a 6 there and it was supposed to have been my best subject, but I don't think my teacher for the last two years was very objective about my performance. People's grades stayed the same over the entire two years. I was already surprised because I joined her course later and went up two marks from my previous english course, which was on a lower level. Guess she kinda overrated my performance. I hate it when that happens. Also a bit dissapointed about the three extra marks you can get. (42 regular + 3 extra). My peace and conflict studies project only got a C. Too much work for a C. My essay about scientific perception earned me at least one extra point. I have no idea what happened to the presentation about categories in philosophy. I guess it must have sucked, even though it won the school's TOK award. At least that's what I was told, since I had left the prom before the awards part. My best friend and I had bailed out, being bored with the stiff party (parents were invited because the year before it had been an orgy without the parents). We went back to the Flügel to watch DVD and get high. Well, not me. I stayed strong and declined, lol.
Anyways, my marks aren't good enough to go the Oxford University, i would have needed a 7 in English for that. That means that I'll go to impirial college (I don't even know how you spell that, this is bad) in London next fall. Not sure what to think about that. After all I only applied because the careers advisor thought it was a neat idea. I never wanted to go the university. My dream job since I was little was being a mail man. I was actually doing that part time until yesterday and loved it, except for that fact that you have to start at like 3am. The thought of stusying chemistry is strange, I so suck at it, at least at the practical part. I can't even turn on a bunsen burner. During our school practicals I was always doing the notes, the planning and the report writing, my lab partner got to handle all the mean, potentially dangerous stuff. Besides I was always the first to scream when something went wrong, like burning when it wasn't supposed to. Well, I'll see about that. At least I won't have to bother with any other applications. I'm so relieved that I know. Yeah!

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