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Only two more free days to go. So far I'm enjoying today.
I payed a little visit to S to get some stuff to watch today and use his DVD burner. I didn't get to use the DVD burner but at least I borrowed a few CDs: Lantana, Crazy and Liberty stands still. The last one I've seen before, but since we have the video beamer (I think that is the english word for it) here at the moment, I might treat myself to it again.

Got mail from the citizen registry. But nothing new yet, I'm
still awaiting for the approval of my new passport. They said the guy who could probably fix the computer error would be there in two weeks, that was more than a month ago.
I guess I should have noticed it when I couldn't vote in the last elections. But other than that I had no clue that I'm not a citizen. How does that happen? When, I asked they said it was probably a computer glitch. Gotta love technology.

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