Illman (illman) wrote,

Just ranting

This is not starting out as a good day for me. I finally got the paper work from my school (that should be a good thing) only to find out that there are six forms to be mailed by August 26. Pretty short notice! For those forms I need a couple of passport type photographs which I don't have. The only ones I have right now are from 1998 and don't really rsemble me any more. Since I have been putting off getting a haircut fro almost a month now, I thought it would be a neat idea to get that done before having the picture taken. my hair has really grown out of control. But it being Saturday the only bus to city center is too late to get to get either the picture taken or the haircut. So the only time I can get that done is Monday after I get off night-shift or in the evening once I'm up again. The rest of the forms are written in uncomprehesible English, so I have to figure out what they mean today. Time to break out the dictionary. Oh and I had the pleasure of carrying two gallons of water home from the store. I'm lazy enough to be drinking tap water, but my brother isn't into the idea. This day just has to go uphill from here on :)

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