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Tatort and else

Since the show probably doens't air anywhere esle this isn't going to spoil the fun for anyone. It was so crap, the plot was extremely contrived. The husband of a journalist was a spy who as a young man had murdered her parents to get money for his publishing house, which then 30 years later published the journalist's book about the murder of her parents. There was a homicide in there somewhere and some arson. It was actually quite fun with good dialogues but it didn't make a lot of sense. Maybe better luck next sunday, plus there is a good rerun on I think Wed. But Wed is CSI night, it's Chasing the Bus might have to tape one of the shows then. Actually I have already seen CtB, but still I always watch and usually tape the dubbed ones as well. How bad is that? can't get the exam results out of my head. I wonder how some of the others did and whether they know yet. I should try and go to bed earlier tonight, but I'm too nervous because of the doctor's appointment tomorrow. Still haven't figured out how to get there, if my neighbour can't drive me, I'll have to go by bike and that's going to take ages because of all the breaks and the hill in between. Will see tomorrow. Finally finished my banner, I don't think it's good though. Didn't write anything, but I have it all plotted out in my head already. That's good.

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