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Morning at the hospital, uhh...

Spend most of the morning at the hospital waiting for my appointment. Of course, i overslept, didn't have time for breakfast and barely caught the bus, which seemed to do a tour of the area, it took almost an hour and cost a fortune. I definetly need to get myself registered again so that I can get a city bus discount card. Waited for about an hour, spend it reading Bare Bones. It's not bad, a little confusing in places maybe, but good. The appointment itself was pretty much what I had expected. The doctot guy gave me some crap about lifestyle and stuff. Hell, how am I supposed to eat nice when I get nauseous from the meds all the time. He laso asked why I hadn't been to see a doctor in ages. I didn't even try to explain. I moved back in with my parents 6 weeks ago, after almost four years of living away. Anyways things aren't looking too good. Don't think I want to write about it. My mood just turned from ok to crap. Grrr. I need distraction now, probably CSI. Gee, call that escape from reality.

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