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Distraction is the way to go

Almost always works with me, working on somethging to get my mind of things. Spend most of the afternoon playing around with a graphics programme, I don't think I'm very good at it, but it's fun. Did a new LJ avatar which I'm trying out right now. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted but acceptable. I have actually started writing on wsdf again. Not much but it is a start. Needed again distraction from a fight with my parents. Sure, it's not only them, but it can't be only me. I did that all the time at SIC, cuz there I didn't have the room for a chair and the trampoline so I went with the trampoline (ok, now anyone who happens to read this must think I'm nuts). Hopefully I'll get some more done today, I'm kinda in the mood right now.

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