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Planning ahead

Got back from work. It went well, I was actually done in just 3 hours, plus there were no complaints from yesterday on the list. That's a hughe first! I should get back to bed but I don't feel like it, too much to do besides I'm too hyper to sleep. A lot of stuff to do today. Hope I fare better than yesterday because I didn't get anything done. Now I've got to figure what to do first since I'm never going to get through all the stuff.
That would be:

  • -find Stefan's helmet

  • -fix bike (if only I knew how)

  • -go shopping

  • -schedule that doctor's appointment, those crappy meds aren't working, they seem to do just the opposite

  • -figure whether I'm on tomorrow night

This is quickly turning into the substitute for my myriad of post-its. Why can other people keep their life on track in their heads? But all in all, I'm off to a good start and actually already accomplished some stuff: finsihed and posted an upload on SL.

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