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Oh yeah, tired

Did more dabbling with fanart. I'm just not too good with that. But who cares anyways. I wanted to make another seed for the TvT community but their page is down ago. Finished with the dailies for now.
trying to get an image up:

It does suck, but i wanna know whether i can upload something. I am just watching a weird CSI ep, a hunting accident in a forrest. I have been to Las Vegas two years ago and the landscape did not look like that. Unless there has been a major climate change since then ...
Strange, it's always in the evening that anxiety is creeping up on me and I get scared. it's not so much because it's dark and all that, although I did get paranoid in the last couple of years. It's all Max's fault and Mrs O's ;). No, it's at night that i start to worry about things like the future, health.

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