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That's nasty

Since the exam results were out yesterday, there were the inevitable mails of my class-mates. I expected that. what I didn't expect was that people would be so mean. Ok, not all of them meant it mean I guess. I'm sure some of them were just meant curious. Strangely I didn't get any mails from the people I got along really well, but that weren't the kind of people concenred with the question who was best. Most of them worry about passing. Eventually I'll have to work up a response to the mails, uhh, so not looking forward to it.
If I think about it I shouldn't even care what people are thinking / saying about my performance. I wasn't too sure whether I could actually take the exam because I was already not well then and I did as well as before in my classes. Shoule be happy that I took it and passed well enough to go the univ3rsoty next year, if I can afford it. That's a big if. To hell with certain people! That's easy to say, especially since they live several hundred miles away. One of the perks of having attended a boarding school: you don't have to see they people you didn't like ever again. Unfortunatly the same goes for people you do like.
On the more trivial note: I discovred that I'm totally stuck in routine, I eat the same stuff for breakfast every day, same goes for lunch and dinner. I was at a total loss when I was out of oat flakes this morning (now there is a real problem for a change) I solved it by having diet coke for breakfast.
->Note to self: It not a good idea to drink soda on an empty stomach.
TvT is back up, uploaded my two seeds. Now picking something to leech. Probably Sex and the City. But first I have to get my sorry self to the grocery store, if I'm late they are going to be out of milk again.

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