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Managed to surprise myself again, but not in a good way

I hadn't realized just how far downhill things have gone, until I decided to clean up my dunegon. A couple of weeks ago the glass of a picture shattered, because in some freak accident, the quote dictionnary fell from the shelf and on the picture when I was trying to climb on my stupid bunk bed. If I had the room, I'd sleep on a matress on the floor. Anyways, that happened weeks ago and I still haven't cleaned away the glass shards. I had just pushed them under the table which I can't use for lack of a chair. Bah. I should clean up those shards today. The basement where I spent all day because the computer babe resides there needs some cleaning too, my eight-legged friends are starting to populate it in legions. Not having something to do is bad for me. I already miss job number 1. This afternoon I'm at job number 2. Not looking forward to it, teaching German to a class of kids who aren't interest in the slightest isn't fun. Better a job than no job, I guess. Just hoping I don't fall asleep before that. I'm still kinda down because of the exam results emails. The worst thing is that I know I shouldn't care.

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