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Because RL is threatening my on-line and TV life

Stolen from nekosmuse

1. What was your first fandom? The first thing you were obsessively fannish about? It doesn't have to be a tv show or movie.

Uninvited : a mystery/adventure type videogame on the Amiga back in the dark ages

2. Are you still interested in your first fandom or are you so over it?

not really, although I did play the game again a few years back

3. What was your first zine/fic fandom?

x-files, although I think I read some Star Trek fic before that

4. What was your first online fandom?

x-files, only occassionally

5. What was your first livejournal fandom?


Illman (Taye Diggs) is a recovering alcoholic with a heart of gold. He lives next door to the annoying Ricky, played brilliantly by Ryan Philippe. Soon, Illman and Ricky meet Brenda (Jennifer Aniston). The two quickly fight over Brenda's affections. Illman meets the mysterious Miriam, played by Lucy Liu, and uncovers a secret that changes his life forever.

What's your journal's Hollywood blockbuster?
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