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Another class taught

Survived another afternoon as a teacher. It was pretty peaceful today. Learning wise a bust as always but nobody expects any results from me. It's a government mandated language course for asylul seekers. They hire people like me without qualification because then they hardly have to pay anything for their teachers. Did something about young people and old people today. I'm not sure whether everyone is sure yet what I am doing there. But by the end at least two of my students were familiar with the old vs. new concept. After I kicked out one guy last week, he was quiet this week. I don't have a class tomorrow, the next is Thursday afternoon, a 4 hour class. Can't go worse than last week. My newspaper job boss called, he said he might hire me again, once I'm better. That's great, cuz I really love this job. But now I have to find that work permit card thingy or if I can't find it I have to get one. Still haven't written that mail about my results, talk about porcrastination.
I knew that my father wasn't into that parenting thing but I was really stunned when he asked me over dinner whether I was finished with school already. I thoughjt that was public knowledge by now.

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