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writing is an escape indeed

RL has somehwhat come unraveled during the last two weeks. As a side effect, it seems that Jack's life in my nanowrimo fic has taken a sharp downward turn. I'm really feeling sorry for him. But he'll get Sam in the end. Not totally sure how I'll make that happen, but I already have the ending in mind. But for now, I'm afraid that poor jack is in for some more suffering. Right now, I'm writing a three-in-the-morning-brood about how it all happened:

In fact, in a moment of lucid honesty, he saw that Maria and he had been playing a futile game for years. The truth was that it had been over between them long ago, long before he had shut the door of Sam's bedroom behind them one night.

and that's one of the better lines that I've come up with today *shakes*

<---starts to feel sorry for the poor beta who gets to wade through that one

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