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Tired but can't sleep

It's the same as most nights. I am tired but my mind is running crazy, i can't sleep and start getting all anxious. I don't get why I always worry only during the eveing that mush. Right now, I'm going for distraction, making the rounds of various on-line communities checking new post and making a couple one's myself. Did some updating on the CSI dailies, there are still new people interested. I should really get to sleep, I have to go early for groceries. I decided that i need something more to do, just floating through the day just doesn't work for me, maybe I should take up language studies again. There is still that mail to be written, but i'm going to do that now. I still feel bad about it though, but putting it off won't help much.
Clicked the send button, it's done. Wasn't as hard as I had imagined, after all I am really happy for her, I'm just a bit sad that it didn't work out that well for me.

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