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Irrelevant Inet world comments and else

Had to drag self out of bed early today, going grocery shopping. I so need to do my driver's permit. The thing is that I can drive, I've driven around a lot when I was living in Peru. But it costs at least 1200 to get a driver's permit here, I'll never be able to afford that. So, other's always have to drive me round. Normally I drive shopping by bike, but there are only two stores withing range: one is usually sold out of fresh stuff by 9am (how does that happen), the other doesn't have any stuff that needs refrigeration because a couple of weeks ago the A/C and all that broke and the owner can't afford to fix it. Sometimes I'm not sure whether this is an industrialized country.
Continued searching for my work tax card, i found bunches of interesting stuff (school evaluations, my passport, lots of photographs, dead spiders, unsent letters and the like) just no card. That done, I retreated to the safe haven of the virtual world. Lot's of plans for today, I'm gonna give the DVD authoring another shot and also the movie editing, I'm doing my own intro for the DVD. The crossfading does happen, just not exactly the way it should. But I'm working on it.

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