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Leave it to TVHus guide to come up with very creative summaries of upcoming CSI episodes. Since we are so far behind, this won't be much of a spoiler for anyone.
About Stalker (next week) they wrote:
With the help of the psychic Maurice the CSI team catches a murderer. During the interrogation, the suspicious electrician of a cable TV company throws Nick out of a window and escapes.
Even more suprising is the summary for the next episode. I'm not even sure which one this is, the description is puzzeling and VOX doesn't stick to the righ order. Could be Friends and Lover, but not sure. They (tvhus guide) wrote:
A dog unearthes bones in the dessert. They belong to the seventy years old Mel Bennett. Oddly his wife hasn't reported him missing. But this is isn't the only thing that irritates Detective Gil: there is also the presence of the pathologist Teri, an ex-lover of his.
Amazing isn't it. I remember that a bit differently, besides Detective Gil ?. No wonder nobody watches the show over here.

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