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I'm not sure what has come over me when I suddenly decided to write a CSI non-casefile fic. Seriously, I'm not so into that show anymore that i would feel compelled to write fic. .

Although entropy84 and I had our own theory on AIM about Nick and Warrick's hobbies.
Illman: Disliking Cath drama?
Entropy: heee, very much so
Illman: I didn't mind it at first, but then it got somewhat annoying especially since we know next to nothing about Nick and Warrick. They could spend their off-time kniting for all we know *g*
Entropy: lol... I can see it now... Nick and Warrick are sitting together in a living room both concentrating on something in they're laps... close up of them knitting a scarf and a sweater... heeeeeee
Illman: I wonder what colors they picked. What about a scarlet scarf for Nick and a baby-blue sweater for Warrick? *g* But there are actually guys who do knit, Mr.-technically-my-boyfriend knit me a mini-dress (or call it a very long sweater) for my last birthday. It looks stunning, but not in a good way ;-)
Entropy: ROFL... heeeee. And good color choices, too. (scarlet and blue, very fitting)... although, it's not a common occurrence to find men who knit over here
Illman: Not very common here either. I knit socks before, but never managed to make two the same size. But the kniting idea might be good for the CSI Christmas fic that I started.

Now back to Fallen From Grace

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