Illman (illman) wrote,

I haven't felt like myself for a while, hence the slacking in lj posts and comments. I'm note sure things are back to normal yet, but one can always hope.

Yesterday I was at the doctor's to get a blood test,. It went all nice and quick and I got my bandaid. But when I was standing at the reception making an appointment for next week, I felt something sticky run down my arm. Somewhat alarmed I pulled back my sleeve to find that I had blood all over my arm. The alarmed receptionist called for the doc again. While the doc was all confused about why it was bleeding that badly and everyone seemed generally unsure what to do, I couldn't help but giggle. I don't know why, the whole scene was just surreal. They probably thought I was totally nuts. Anyways, I finally got a new bandaid and after they had made me wait for another twenty minutes to make sure that everything was okay, they finally let me go. Now I have a really nice bruise. Pheeew

I had planned on posting the next chapter of Fallen from Grace yesterday, but I suddenly found that I'm missing a scene. I could have sworn that I wrote it. Well, so I had to rewrite it. Hopefully the chapter will get posted today and I'm also having the next chapter of Night in the works.

putinthespark - I'm working on the next bit plus I'*ve already made some notes regarding the plot points that you sent me. Hopefully I'll have things ready for you soon.

Today, I get watch CSI Miami, Stargate SG1 and hopefully 24 (depending on whether resourceful bro is a nice bro for a change.)

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