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A job - well sort of

A teacher I used to work with called me yesterday, asking me if I wanted to tutor one of her students three afternoons a week. I agreed to give it a try until the end of the school year and we had our first session yesterday afternoon. Now, I have done tutoring before, but always small groups, so it was a pleasant, if a bit intensive, change to just have one student. Fortunately, the teacher had given me some material for the start, otherwise, I wouldn't have known where to start. But it was pretty good all in all. It doesn't pay very much, but it's better than nothing :-)
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Apologies are in order

I have been terribly lazy where updating my journal is concerned. So here is the concise version of what I have been up to:

Family picture: Since Bro will be away for a year and I'm not around most of the time either, we decided it was time to have a new family picture taken. The last one was like ten years ago. So weekend before last we went to a photographer in town. I haven't seen it how it turned out, but I must have looked dreadful as I can't stand being in pictures.

Moving: The academic year starts next Saturday and that means moving! I have been back since last week, but I don't have internet at the flat yet. Place still looks terrible and I'm not done unpacking yet. I haven't even looked at my books yet, even though I was supposed to start reading the first thing Saturday. But I have never been too good with the schedule. I do need a topic for my thesis and I need it pretty fast. I have started to flip through the guidebook on the trip here, but I haven't really figured out how to go about this yet. There is a CD that come with the guide and I will have to have a look at that later, probably today. I hope it doesn't require internet access. Anyways, internet has to be a priority because I will need it for research.

Business: I have laid the first foundations for my business. I'm pondering where to register the thing, here or back home. Must get some more info on that soonish, what with the legal aspects. I have decided to at least start the thing in German (my first language, for those who don't know). The market there seems a lot smaller, but not as saturated as in the English-speaking world. I'm still doing tons of research and I'm waiting for another bunch of books from amazon at the moment. I might also get myself a blog to go with the business. Not here at lj, I'm thinking, more like blogspot or twitter. Must ponder that on occassion. Also, I'm working on some material specifically for selling - an ebook and some articles. Those are mostly in the planning phase, as I'm waiting on some books and other research materials.

Benefits: I was sure that I would get the decision regarding certain benefits back in Germany before I left, but alas no. I called round there today and was basically told to wait patiently for the letter to arrive (at my parent's place) and then attend the evaluation with their psychiatrist. Looks like I'll have to go back for that, if I ever get in, that is :-/ The good bit, if I do get accepted for those benefits, they'll also pay me in retrospect from the time I became eligible (i.e. end of 2008).

Job: My book gig is going well so far. I did twenty pages in total so far and have gotten paid for the first ten already. I'm waiting to hear back on the second batch. I have no idea how much work there will be in total, but I like the work and it fits well into my schedule.
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A new job on the horizon (just not the one I expected)

Had my job 'interview' on Saturday. Turns out the job isn't actually proofreading at all (which might be a good thing since I know hardly anything about physics). Basically, the author is looking for someone who is good at the computer and knows their way around OCR. What I have to do is scan the pages of the book and make them into an MS Word document with a specific layout. Since OCR only handles so much, there is a lot of manual work, especially with all the diagrams and formulae which need to be transcribed. He gave me ten pages so that I could see for myself what is involved and if I like the work. The first page took me ages, but I think once I've done a couple, it will go a lot faster. I actually like the work and it seems to agree with me. I like working on the computer and I'm not very good with people, so that's another plus.

I want to tackle at least two pages today, better three. I've already scanned all ten pages and ran OCR past all of them. Now it's only a matter of transcribing with the OCR didn't catch and fixing the layout.

If the guy like my work, there is plenty more where those ten pages came from ;-) The whole book needs to be done by the end of 2009, so this could turn into quite a long-term thing. I did want to start a business in 2009 as some of you already know. I still want to do that for so many reasons, and I've also started a free business course offered by the job center for young people who want to start their own business. With all that, I have the feeling that the days will be way too short this year ;-) I still have a natural sciences degree to finish as well and a thesis to write.