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Writer's Block: Confidential

Prying eyes are everywhere, from pesky younger siblings to the Patriot Act. What steps do you take to protect your privacy, on or offline?

Seriously, if I were worried about prying eyes, I wouldn't be blogging. Personally, I find f-locked journals annoying (no offense to reading this, I know quite a few of you have f-locked journals), so I most of my entries are public, unless there is a good reason not to make them public. I don't know that many people in rl and I don't think any of them are reading my blog, but if they were, it wouldn't really bother me. I generally only post things I don't mind other people reading (duh!). What I do on occassion is googling my real name and see what comes up, but I haven't yet found anything embarrassing (aside from some creative spellings), although there are a few mentions of rl!illman on the internet.

Writer's Block: Forbidden Reading

From Judy Blume to V.C. Andrews, there's always a book circulating among teens that their parents don't want them to read. What favorite book did you have to hide from your parents?

Fanfiction! We had the internet pretty early on at home and it was not much later that I discovered much to my surprise that tons of other people were writing fanfiction, too *lol* I was thrilled, as you might imagine.

My parents never cared what I was reading - probably because my mother nearly got kicked out school on account of her reading choices - but still I thought it best they would not known about certain stories I'd saved to my floppy discs.

Writer's Block: Bit of the Ol' Buyer's Remorse

What product have you felt guiltiest, or silliest, for buying?

Textbooks! I don't mean the ones that are actually needed for my course, but buying textbooks on subjects that happen to interest me (but have nothing to do with what the classes I'm taking). Most of them, I ended up selling again at the used bookstore, but a few really interesting ones I kept, including a fascinating book about the science of explosives :-) Believe it or not, it has come in handy in writing fanfiction!